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Preschool 1


        We welcome children into our Preschool 1 classroom at age 2.9 years old. Some children join us with experience in other group settings while others are experiencing a classroom for the first time. We work closely with parents/caregivers to ensure that the transition to our program is as smooth as possible. School visits and ongoing open communication help to meet this goal.

       Throughout the year in the Preschool 1 classroom, children will begin to gain a sense of independence as they are supported in their efforts to develop self-help skills and problem solving skills with peers. With gentle guidance and encouragement, we help children to develop self-confidence, to express their thoughts and feelings and to try new activities.
Children are introduced to letter sounds, letter recognition, basic math concepts (such as one-to-one correspondence and patterning), books, music and art. The children are offered opportunities to participate in Morning Meeting activities and help with classroom jobs, ie. weather watcher and friend counter! Our Preschool 1 curriculum incorporates activities that address all areas of development. Teachers work hard to meet the individual needs and goals of each child in the classroom and communicate regularly with parents, both informally and formally. 

Nurture * Teach * Inspire

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