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Preschool 2

       Children in our Preschool 2 classroom are generally between the ages of 3 and 4 years old. Some children continue from our Preschool 1 classroom while other preschool age children join our Preschool 2 classroom as new members of our school community. 
       In our Preschool 2 classroom, children’s sense of curiosity and interest in learning is recognized and appreciated. Classroom themes are developed with the children’s unique interests in mind.  Teachers work with children daily on letter recognition, letter sounds, basic math skills and simple science concepts. In addition, reading, music and art are included on a daily basis. Children will be taught how to use a proper grasp of scissors and writing materials as they learn and explore how to express themselves through writing and art. Small group time allows our teachers to focus on your child’s individual development using games and targeted activities to engage each child in different ways and to encourage individual development of skills. Children are given the vocabulary to solve peer conflicts in a kind and respectful manner. Children will learn patience, understanding and how to engage successfully with their peers and teachers. 
       At Wellesley Hills Center for Early Education, we celebrate that each child is unique and learns at a different rate. Our curriculum is tailored to adjust to the pace at which each child learns best with the goal of appropriately challenging children with achievable goals.